Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rissalder Major 1st Skinner Horse

I'm currently working on some projects which are nearly finished. So I chose to wait with publishing some in progess shots. One of them need some work on its base, while others need some more paint to reach completion. So, my first project for my blog is a miniature which I finished last october.

It's Pegaso's 1st Skinner Horse Rissalder.
This one is my first 75mm figure, a difficult scale.
Until this one I only painted (or practised) 28mm and 54mm miniatures.

I'm proud of this one. It won a gold medal at the beginners class at the Scale Model Challenge show in Veldhoven (oct. 2012). For me the confirmation I'm on the right track and understand the principles of "zenithal lighting". Still, I have a lot to learn.


First post

Welcome to my new blog. This is the place where I post my projects and things related to the "painting miniatures" hobby.
I called it "Dutch Miniatures", simply because I'm Dutch and love to paint miniatures :-)
I couldn't find a cool nick with letters of my own name.
So there you have it.
Thank you for visiting and I hope I will wake your interest in painting miniatures.

Patrick Kamsma